Setting up for an exhibition at the Inspire cafe gallery.


String is a marvelous thing, rope is thicker but string is quicker. Spike Milligan

I have been working on these small sculptures, using water bottles and thread, making something out of ordinary, everyday objects and materials.

I have been a bit chicken obsessed recently. It doesn’t usually take much to get me searching ebay for chicken runs and at this time of year I am even worse!

And today my son and I decided to make a pompom chick.

The chick is made from:

  • two pompoms – one 65mm, one 85mm in diameter
  • 25g of yellow double knit yarn
  • a pipe cleaner
  • two buttons
  • thread for sewing eyes
  • card for the beak
  • glue for sticking on the beak

We made the two pompoms, and left the thread that you tie them round the middle with long, and used the long threads to tie the two pompoms tightly togther.
We threaded the pipecleaner through the middle thread of the larger pompom for the legs and bent the ends into feet. Sew on eyes and glue on a beak.

The nest was made last week by my other son from instructions found here.

All change! I am now at UCA Canterbury, studying fine art, believe it or not!

Course is different and has sent me off away from my cabinet for the moment.
I have really enjoyed the last 3 weeks of the painting unit, not done any painting before but I have found it a really useful way of exploring concepts. It’s instant and you have something to show for a days study. The way I usually work involves alot of thinking and gathering of materials and objects before I get to put anything together.

British Museum – Lime plaster statues

Interesting……………. In Egypt skulls and bone were covered in plaster, painted, decorated with shells and displayed. Link to article Plaster